01 September / / Research

My manuscript with Kanika Khanna presents evidence that Confederate Monument Removals in whites’ counties leaded to a brief increase in whites’ reports of racial prejudice.

10 August / / Policy

For the past year, I have collaborated with a team of policy researchers in several Harris County departments to design a pilot program to divert low-risk mental health and social welfare 9-1-1 calls to a trained, non-law enforcement response team. I have also collaborated with numerous experts and stakeholders to pilot community-based violence prevention programs.

09 August / / Research

This paper (with Justin Berry) presents evidence that racial resentment and perceptions of relative deprivation have independent, negative effects on white voter turnout, but that, interactively, they have a positive effect. This paper recently received a revise and resubmit.

18 March / / Policy

I testified before the Texas State Senate on March 18, 2021 about the impact of SB 21 on Harris County. SB 21 would drastically reduce the provision of unsecured bonds in Texas, and, in doing so, roll back bail reform in Harris County, overwhelm the County jail, and restore racial inequalities in detention bail reform has eased.

11 March / / Policy

In this presentation, presented to the Harris County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council on March 11, 2021, I lead a team of analysts in the Harris County Justice Administration Department to show the limited changes to felony bail practice in Harris County, and how those changes don’t map onto crime increases.