12 May / / Research

This paper (with Angie Torres-Beltran) presents evidence that Americans’ gender attitudes (across a variety of measures) became discontinuously more conservative after the 2020 Elections. This paper is under review.

21 February / / Research

This paper (with Justin Berry) presents evidence that racial resentment and perceptions of relative discrimination have independent, negative effects on white political participation, but that, interactively, they have a positive effect. This paper was recently accepted for publication at Political Behavior.

17 January / / Research

Since the spring of 2020, I have collaborated with three colleagues at Cornell University to collect the fundraising emails sent by federal campaigns for office in 2020.

17 January / / Teaching
05 January / / Research

In this paper with Cameron Mailhot (in progress) we present evidence that at least 3 million white Americans have ceased to identify with national heritage identities like Irish, German, or Polish, and have reclassified their ancestry to panethnic categories like “European”, “American”, or “Scandinavian.”