08 February / / Research

My manuscript with Kanika Khanna presents evidence that Confederate Monument Removals in whites’ ZIP codes leaded to an increase in whites’ reports of racial prejudice that endured for over a year. This paper has received a Revise and Resubmit.

23 November / / Research

One of my papers, just published at Politics, Groups, and Identities with Justin Berry and Sergio Garcia-Rios, examines how individuals’ perceptions of their panethnic group’s discrimination relative to other groups predicts their vote choice.

15 September / / Research

This paper with Justin Berry–in progress–presents evidence that racial resentment and perceptions of relative deprivation have independent, negative effects on white voter turnout, but that, interactively, they have a positive effect.

10 September / / Research

In this working paper, with David Bateman, we present evidence that proposals to make American elections more democratic have been consistently popular, and have only become less popular in recent years due to growing Republican opposition.

28 May / / Research