The Impact of SB 21

I testified before the Texas State Senate on March 18, 2021 about the impact of SB 21 on Harris County. SB 21 would drastically reduce the provision of unsecured bonds in Texas, and, in doing so, roll back bail reform in Harris County, overwhelm the County jail, and restore racial inequalities in detention bail reform has eased.

My testimony emphasized the fiscal, constitutional, and practical consequences that would befall Harris County if SB 21 became law. I worked with the JAD policy team to put together a memo outlining why these consequences would prove an unworkable burden for Harris County residents.


  • The memorandum summarizing our findings was submitted to members of Texas State Senate Jurisprudence Committee.
  • The staffs of the Committee Chair and local elected officials, and state-level advocacy organizations were all briefed on our findings and my testimony.
  • My presentation and the related reports were written up in the Texas Criminal Justice blog Grits for Breakfast.

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  • You can watch my testimony here.
Colin Cepuran Written by:

Colin Cepuran is a political scientist and a policy analyst working in Kalamazoo, MI.