Ethnicity, Panethnicity, and Status

I am in the process of fielding a survey experiment that examines how the relationship between ethnic and panethnic identity varies across racial groups, and how that relationship influences individuals foreign policy attitudes.

This project, with Cameron Mailhot and Steven Ward, draws on theories of racial/ethnic identity, transnationalism, and diaspora politics, to develop a theory of how identification with domestic identity groups shapes individuals foreign policy commitments.

This experiment has been piloted, and we are currently analyzing the results of our study.

Next steps

Findings from this experiment will prompt further inquiry into:

  • How white Americans’ racial identity attachment leads to their building solidarity with whites in other countries.
  • The distinction between white ethnicity and panethnicity.
  • How group positioning shapes the relationship between ethnicity and panethnicity.


A sample question from our survey instrument.

Colin Cepuran Written by:

Colin Cepuran is a political scientist and a Ph.D. candidate at Cornell University.